Earth Mission

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Earth Mission
Fronius Earth Mission - We know our reponsibility

We know our responsibility Sustainability at Fronius

» Sustainable action is at the heart of everything we do at Fronius. This has been the case since the very beginning of the company’s history; the impetus to extend the short service life of car batteries through more efficient use of available energy came about roughly 75 years ago. Today we are placing more focus than ever on environmentally friendly solutions. «

Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß
Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß, CEO Fronius International GmbH
Roots from Fronius - Almtal

Sustainability at Fronius

Discover what Fronius contributes to the preservation of our environment and how we take our social responsibility seriously. Our Sustainability Report is a detailed booklet which shows the reader what kind of sustainable actions we take.
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Sustainability Report 2022

People - Social responsibility

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Fronius is a family-owned company. We think in terms of generations and do not measure ourselves against short-term success. Social equality is firmly anchored in our company DNA and fair cooperation forms the foundation of our corporate culture. We use this to build upon and develop…

Planet - Ecological responsibility

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The fact that we are continuously growing means that we need more space. We want to ensure that we use this space as effectively as possible while protecting the environment. As a manufacturing company, we are keenly aware of the effects of our business activities. Especially because most of our production takes place in Austria, we keep an eye on these effects and make our decisions with foresight. What do we mean by this? By bundling our production activities in Austria and the Czech Republic, we can also guarantee compliance with the highest social, environmental, and quality standards.

We place emphasis here on…

Profit - Responsible business practices

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We don’t make success dependent on financial profit alone, but always take a holistic view of our business activities. We conduct our business activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards and require all employees to act in accordance with these standards of personal and professional integrity. We strictly follow these principles ...

Interview with Katrin Helmberger

Our way to reach sustainable development goals

Interview with Katrin Helmberger - Head of Corporate Sustainability
Read the interview with Katrin Helmberger